Code of Conduct

Policy Non-compliance


IP (Intellectual Property) 


- Physical damage, injury, or incident that impacts the health and well-being of participants or stakeholders. Typically, accidental in nature. 


-Issues involving participant misconduct that include harassment, violence,

malpractice, plagiarism, or any issue with regard to the conduct of the stakeholder during the internship (including pre-post internship). Typically, an intentional act. 


-Issues that arise due to Mitacs

policy/protocol that is not available, available but inconsistent, not followed, delayed, and/or misinformed.


-Failure to adhere to Mitacs

recommendations or processes



-Issues where

Mitacs has little or no control but is interested to hear and help the stakeholder involved.


- Complaints, appeals, immigration issues, wrongful termination, if stakeholder wants Mitacs to operate according to their expectations


-Issues and
disputes pertaining to IP

-AII IP issues need to be dealt with according to Mitacs IP policy.


-Any issue outside the policy would be a grievance pertaining to IP which Mitacs will investigate on a case-to-case basis

-Any issues or disputes arising outside of existing typologies. 

E.g.: An intern is injured & hospitalized while playing soccer.

E.g.: An intern sexually harasses a colleague. 


E.g.: A GRI intern injures themselves & discovers they do not have health insurance. 


E.g.: A CSPF fellow has not been paid by their host office.